Clean rooms

Clean Rooms from Dawsonpharma

that provide the perfectly sterile environment 

Over 18 years of experience in providing space where you want it and when you want it has now been extended to clean rooms with temperature and humidity control as required.

Dawsonpharma Modular Clean Rooms are not just an acceptable alternative to internal aluminum framed structures or a conventional brick-and-mortar build but often the preferred solution as they can simply be linked to your existing facility, thus not comprising internal space plus positioned exactly where you want it.

Clean room

Positive Pressure Clean Air Modules are fitted in the Clean Room to create a positive pressure environment. These all have variable speed controls and clean air through a EU4 grade pre-filter followed by an H14 HEPA filter which is 99.997% efficient at 0.3microns. To achieve the classification of a clean room a number of air changes are required per hour in accordance with BS EN ISO 14644 as per below;


                                               Classification              Air Changes Per Hour

                                                 ISO Class 8                             5 - 48

                                                 ISO Class 7                           60 – 90

                                                 ISO Class 6                         150 – 240


We offer a range of room sizes plus temperature and humidity control as required and provide a full turnkey package on installation so your room is fully operational within hours.


Clean rooms