Is it time to stop using R404A?

F-gas regulations

Come January 1st, 2020, all refrigerant gasses with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) above 2500 will be banned on all commercial equipment. This includes all cold storage units currently available for rent. R404a has the highest carbon dioxide rating of all refrigerants on the market, meaning the shift to a lower GWP refrigerant is imminent.

A transfer to lower GWP products cannot wait until 2020 as it is necessary to move as soon as possible. This is because R404a will not be available to buy for virgin use. It is essential to follow this switch otherwise you will be behind your competitors.

With a GWP of 1390, the R448a is the alternative refrigerant used at Dawsonpharma Ireland. It has been revealed that this low GWP refrigerant showed energy savings of upwards of 20% when compared to R404a. We future proof all our units with environmental legislation in mind.

We are in an era of increasing concern over climate change.  All European countries are introducing tough policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Refrigeration plants have two types of GHG emission – from the energy they consume and from refrigerants that leak.  R404A has proved to be a convenient “interim” refrigerant, to help us replace the old ozone-depleting refrigerants.  But it has a very high global warming potential and is not particularly efficient – the time has come to stop using R404A in applications where better alternatives exist.

We understand that the conversion must happen before 2020 to ensure that the most energy efficient refrigerants are being used appropriately to benefit both environmentally and economically.

If you would like any further information about our pharma cold storage units or need help choosing the right unit for your business, please contact the team on 045 448 810 or email contactus@dawsongroup.ie

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