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The Hottest Unit on the Market!


Here at Dawsonpharma Ireland, we have developed market-leading high temperature controlled environments. Our Chambers enable you to store or test your product at a variety of temperatures, up to +85⁰C. The system uses built-in heaters to increase the temperature, whilst high-efficiency fans move the air to ensure even temperature distribution.

These units can artificially replicate conditions that products may be exposed to, or require a certain change in condition during life or manufacture. Sometimes products and processes may be tested over and above what they may see in service, in order to accelerate these effects and study the results.

We can provide Chambers for –

  • Extreme low and high temperatures
  • Moisture or relative humidity
  • Exposure to air movement
  • Emission and by-product monitoring

The above can all be programmed cyclically to provide a complete assessment or treatment.

Our high-temperature Chambers can be used in a variety of industries throughout the year for product storage and performance testing at specific temperatures. To find out more about our Hot Boxes click here.


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Hot Boxes from Dawsonrentals Ireland

The Hottest Unit on the Market! Read more