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Dawsonpharma vanDawsonpharma provides high valued cold rooms, eutectic packaging blast freezers, stability rooms and clean room environments. Every design encompasses all pharmaceutical and biotech industry regulatory compliance requirements, including qualification and validation support, Gamp5 audited data monitoring systems and insurance industry approval.

Uniquely, Dawsonpharma offers complete packages of design, planning, construction, installation and 24/7 service support. The high-value, high-efficiency solutions you need, when you need them, for as long as you need them - all without major capital outlay.   

Your product integrity, reputation, and obligations rely in part on the quality of your cold chain distribution network, and a major part of this is the cold room environments themselves. That is why the Dawsonpharma range has become a highly-proven, industry-norm; a range of units specifically designed to meet you exacting operational demands and guaranteed to deliver compliance and qualification with all your regulatory needs.

The commercial sense of utilising equipment run on a revenue-based budget is well proven; however, what historically has been an issue is the quality of available cold storage units. Dawsonpharma has examined the needs of its pharmaceutical and biotech customers in every detail, developing a genuine understanding and subsequently producing the most advanced cold storage units on the market.      

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